Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Introducing Jewellery Designer Silvia Rossi

Silvia Rossi is the latest jewellery designer to hit the shelves of Apache Rose, and this really is a little something different.  I spotted Silvia's stunning statement jewellery collection, when I visited her stand at Paris Fashion Week in September.  There was something so wonderfully unique and striking about her pieces.  Delicately handmade in her studio near Venice in Italy, Silvia works primarily with crystal acrylic (her signature material) which glimmers and shines every bit as beautifully as precious stone. However, the difference with acrylic is it is as light as a feather to wear, so you can adorn some fabulous, huge statement earrings with no risk of your ear lobes baring the burden. Another added advantage of acrylic is the incredibly bright and bold array of colours you have to work with. Silvia wastes no time experimenting with these, cleverly combining emerald greens with champagne and black hues to create truly stunning statement pieces, ideal for the festive season!

My particular favourites from the collection are the dart feather statement earrings, which fuse a sort of ruby red, with lilac and a rich bottle green.  The colours work so beautifully together to create a truly stylish and elegant pair of statement earrings, ideal to finish off an evening ensemble. With party season fast approaching, look no further than these statement stunners to compliment your look. At a very accessible £60-75 price range, this collection is a fresh, exciting and innovative and I can't wait to show some off over the festive season!

Crystal Fountain Statement Earrings

Dart Feather Earrings

Crystal Drop Statement Earrings

Deep Red Diamond Chain Drop Earrings

Silvia In Her Studio


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