Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Peace Treaty's Autumn/Winter 2014 Jewellery Collection

Oh how I adore A Peace Treaty... their latest jewellery collection has just hit our HQ and is quite literally breathtaking.

Each season the incredible design team that is Farah Malik & Dana Arbib, look to a different region of the world, taking note of its people, its cultural heritage and natural surroundings for inspiration, to create truly unique and beautiful collections.

Their Autumn/Winter 2014 Skadi collection is a shining example of this, which focuses on the tundra and the nomadic footsteps of the American desert craftspeople.   This movement began back in the 1970s, when creatives turned to the natural and the spiritual for inspiration, using raw materials from the earth and focusing on geological lines such as circles, domes and points.  A Peace Treaty nostalgically capture the spirit of this movement by their rich use and layering of primordial stones within the collection, with turquoise, red lace agate and azurite malachite taking centre stage in the designs. Couple this with their signature use of antiqued gold-plated brass, and you have a jewellery collection that is elegant and luxurious to a whole new level, each piece showing unique character and beauty as a result of the hand-making process.

Speaking of this, as always, A Peace Treaty keep the importance of ethical practice in mind, as they employ skilled artisans in Jaipur, India, to craft their collections.  Here's a few teaser images for you from their beautiful AW14 Skadi collection....

A Peace Treaty Turquoise Vala Gold Drop Earrings
A Peace Treaty Gold & Azurite Malachite Arktos Statement Cuff
A Peace Treaty Gold Forseti Hand Bracelet
A Peace Treaty Odin Turquoise, Black Hematite & Gold Necklace
A Peace Treaty Idunn Hematite & Gold Necklace
A Peace Treaty Gold & Black Hematite Vala Drop Earrings
A Peace Treaty Mimir Statement Cuff
A Peace Treaty Mimir Statement Cuff


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