Thursday, 12 June 2014

10 Tips For Stacking & Layering Your Jewellery

1. Jewellery stacking is an art that needs to be carefully considered.  Rather than just throwing lots of random pieces on, think about selecting pieces that relate in one way or another, maybe they all have a similar colour palette?

2. Focus on one area, if you’re layering necklaces, don’t layer bracelets too.  You run the risk of looking overdone.

3. Keep your outfit simple when stacking, let your accessories do the talking!

4. Work with the neckline of your top when layering necklaces.  What looks good with one top, might not work with another. 

5. Stick to simple, delicate necklace options with differing bits of detail and experiment with lengths.

6. Stack bracelets of varying shapes and thicknesses, the more experimental you go with bracelets the better. 

7. Start with solid bangles and intersperse them with different coloured friendship bracelets. Throw a watch into the mix to create a true arm party!

8. Experiment with colours and textures when stacking rings.  Load loads onto one finger and leave another bear.

9. Don’t be afraid of mixing golds and silvers

10. This is your opportunity to really show your personality through your accessories, so have fun with it. 

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