Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Vogue Festival 2014 Street Style

Guest post by Philippa Charnley

Vogue Fashion Festival...what a dream day! Fashion, makeup, jewellery, models and EVEN vogue cupcakes all in one place.

It was full of well dressed girls (and a handful of boys), mostly students, who were imaginably studying something fashion related. At one point whilst eagerly scanning my surroundings for ‘street style’ inspiration I saw the super model Karlie Kloss casually doing a shoot about a metre away from me. Completely star struck I thought nothing was wrong with trying to get an image for the blog. However I soon learnt this wasn't allowed when a hand was rudely put in front of my camera lens. I did try though - all in the name of fashion. She looked upsettingly even more beautiful close up than out of the magazines.

There was a harrods live catwalk where you could strut your stuff and pretend to be a model.Furthermore, there was an area where you could create your own vogue cover shoot, with the opportunity to wear Chanel pearls and statement necklaces whilst having the shoot. 
Scanning the area for inspiration, every outfit made me instantly feel as though I had NOTHING in my wardrobe and I suddenly hated everything I was wearing.  Heres a few of the looks we caught on camera....

This lovely lady was sat sipping a coffee when I noticed this amazing trench.  Love the pretty pink contrasted with the black leather. The more I look at this outfit the more effortlessly chic it is. Even the delicate pendant necklace is contrasted against the casual tee and 1960s style watch.  The bag seems to have its own jewellery - statement chains put an edge on the classic cross body black bag.

Nudes seemed to be everywhere! From cosy fur gilets to insanely cute chanel slip ons! As did pleated skirts! Paired perfectly with a leather jacket.  Stud earrings were popular, worn oozing sophistication and giving off an understated feel. 

This stylish girl had her back to me when I noticed she had braids in her hair - unfortunately you can’t see or appreciate her hair do from the front however that’s what grabbed my attention. This outfit is the perfect mix of casual tomboy with pretty girl romantic. Layering instantly adds interest to this outfit and changes the look. Without the chiffon nude top this is just t-shirt and jeans but with, it is instantly on trend and interesting. Fashionistas seemed to be in every crevice!

The detail of the jewellery pin broach makes this suit look so expensive. I love how the trousers are purposefully slightly too short so the crease down the centre stays perfectly straight even when being worn. Amazing street style. 

Chanel head to toe. Yes be jealous - we certainly were! Perfectly worn understated Chanel string pearl necklace. The D&G bag didn't go unnoticed either - in a soft charcoal grey everything flows together in this outfit. I love the box cut t-shirt pairing so well with the box printed flowing midi skirt. 

The colour here is definitely far from being understated yet it still looks sophisticated. The jewellery print grabbed my attention and the use of red and gold actually works (without looking like a christmas tree)! The gold metallic bag ties everything from her statement winged necklace to the buckles on her bucket bag. 


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