Monday, 28 April 2014

Men in Statement Jewellery - Can it work?

I was watching VH1 classic music videos on TV the other day and on came the Lenny Kravitz video for 'It Aint Over Til Its Over', where he's adorning the most beautiful selection of turquoise navajo statement jewellery I'd ever seen.  He combines a huge silver and turquoise statement necklace with a stacked selection of matching rings that are quite simply stunning, and boy does he pull it off... I was instantly smitten.  Couple this with perfect dread locks, an unbuttoned shirt, tight black trousers and tribal metallic belt and you have a man that has some serious style. And it doesn't stop at this particular video. Lenny Kravitz has been known to pull off some pretty awesome statement jewellery looks on a day to day basis, as shown perfectly in the images below.  

All of this got me thinking... we spend so much time focusing on jewellery and accessory trends for women, but what about men?  Not many men out there choose to style themselves in jewellery, and why is that?  Do you need to be a super hot rock, TV or film star in order to pull it off?

Lets take a look at other men we know of who have the ability to really rock the statement jewellery.  One of our firm favourites, Jim Morrison, had a penchant for Native American tribal style and culture and could easily throw on a large statement necklace and look ridiculously good in it.

Jonny Depp has often been photographed out and about wearing statement jewels.  And it appears that he has been one step ahead of the game for quite some time now, regularly layering necklaces, a trend which is certainly taking centre stage in the world of fashion right now.

Then there was Jimi Hendrix, one of the best dressed men ever to walk the planet.  An iconic rock n' roll legend, who perfectly demonstrated the insanely cool flower power fashion trends that prevailed through the 1960s.  You see him in a huge necklace like this one and think nothing other than, boy does this man look good. 

The legendary Mr T from the 80s TV drama The A-team took statement jewellery to another level.  And although rather difficult to take seriously with that amount on, he was certainly able to pull the jewellery 'thing' off.

So in summary, we can see that it is possible for men to pull off the statement jewellery look, if worn with confidence and pride.  But we still see so little of it around on men in the 'real world'.  Why is this!?  We'd love to hear your thoughts....?

Leave a comment here and let us know your thoughts on men in statement jewellery.  Or even better, if you know a man in the real world who really can pull off the jewellery 'thing' then send us a pic! You can Tweet or Facebook us. We'd love you to prove us wrong....


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