Thursday, 6 February 2014

Apache Rose Designer Jewellery Photoshoot - Official Pics Pt. 2

For those of you that have been anticipating the long awaited release of the second lot of photos from our first official statement jewellery photo shoot, here they are! With a stunning selection of designer costume jewellery by two up and coming homegrown UK talents, Cabinet Studios and Miquella.  Both designers inject incredible sparkle into their designs with rich use of Swraovski crystal & pearl elements and luxurious gold, silver and gunmetal plating. Did someone mention Valentines day....?

Cabinet Studios jewellery captures the perfect balance between contemporary and classic. Through fun and bold Swarovski crystal and pearl colour choices, they find playful ways of experimenting with classically inspired designs.  The oversized studs have been designed to striking proportions, yet have a very elegant and glamorous feel.  'Eye-catching' is the word best used to describe these breathtaking jewellery designs.  Cabinet Studios we salute you...

Miquella jewellery opted for a delicious palette of colours in their designs this season, with a beautifully luxurious Montana Blue coloured Swarovski Crystal featuring heavily amongst the designs.  Coupled with clear Swarovski crystals, black cord, and gold and gunmetal plating, these pieces really pop.  The entire collection very much has a statement jewellery feel and each piece has the ability to 'make' an outfit all on its own. Thats when you know you've struck gold with a statement piece!

Cabinet Studios Swarovski Sapphire Studs

Cabinet Burgundy Cirripedia Studs

Cabinet White Pearl Oyster Earrings

Miquella Crystal Eclipse Necklace
Miquella Crystal Clip On Earrings

Montana Crystal Circle Earrings

Miquella Crystal Spiral Necklace

Miquella Crystal Collar

Montana Crystal Drop Earrings


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