Thursday, 20 June 2013


We wanted to find out what makes the girls behind incredible design brand MUTRAH jewellery tick? Here's our Q&A with the amazing co-founders, Mor & Gani....

Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?
Our designs are inspired by tribal African culture, ancient Egyptian jewellery and Indian arts. In addition, we're inspired by the city, the beach and the modern life in which we live.

How important is it to be ethically minded in today's fashion world?
We believe that the fashion industry has an obligation (as do many other fields of business) to be considerate of employees working conditions and satisfaction. Fashion is a reflection of self, therefore through MUTRAH we aim to combine the ethics that are important to us as individuals in our daily life.

What's the story behind MUTRAH, how did you meet and start designing together?
We studied art together at the Thelma-Yellin School of Arts, and became great friends.  After graduating, we started making bracelets as a hobby (almost 2 years ago).  We enjoyed making beautiful designs and experimenting with new materials, without any aspirations of establishing a jewellery brand.  The great flattery and attention that the jewellery received, led us to establish MUTRAH six months later.  Today the jewellery is retailed in over 25 spots around the globe, and we receive alot of love for what we do, which encourages us to continue to work hard and develop MUTRAH.

What does the future hold for MUTRAH?
We refrain from making big plans, since we have not done so far, and the future continues to excite and surprise us.  We aim to continue creating innovative and beautiful designs that we are proud of and want to wear, and to expand the circle of people who love MUTRAH as we do....

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